• Lenovo Anakart Thinkpad Motherboard  ATI Graphics
  • Lenovo Anakart Thinkpad Motherboard  ATI Graphics

Lenovo Anakart Thinkpad Motherboard ATI Graphics

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Lenovo Thinkpad T500 Motherboard w/Discrete 256MB ATI Graphics FRU # 60Y3775

CPU Support:Socket P(PPGA-479). CORE-2 DUO w/1066-Mhz FSB.

BIOS:Has been updated with latest version(3.23,10-12-2012).

Memory Support:2 SODIMM DDR3 PC8500 Sockets.Up to 8GB memory is supported.

North Bridge: Intel AC826M45

South Bridge: Intel AF82801 IEM

Graphics:PCI-Express x16 Dual Graphics:(1)Internal Intel Chipset Graphics(for longer battery cycles)(2)Discrete ATI Radeon HD3650 256MB Graphics(for performance).Graphics adapter is selected in BIOS:switchable Graphics is supported for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

WIN 7 Benchmarks:ATI HD 3650 is 685/fps. Intel Chipset is 390/fps

Audio:Conexant 20561 Smart Audio HD

Drive Suport:(1)9.5-mm 2.5-in SATA HDD and (1)9.5-mm SATA Optical Drive

Display Compatibility: Is compatible with 15.4-in LCD.

Wi-FI:Mini PCI-e expansion slot is provided for WIFI Card.(5100 AGN Card included with BIN Package)

Expansion Slots:Mini PCI-e Expansion slot for internal WWAN is provided. 1/2L Mini PCI-e Expansion is provided(most commonly used for turbo memory card).

Ethernet: Gigabit Intel 82567/LM.Features built-in RJ45 Connector.

Modem:Daughter Board Plug-In Provided for HDA CX11270 soft 56K Modem. RJ11 connector is mounted on the bottom case. Modem, bottom case and connection cables are included with the BIN Package.

Battery Support:Standard Li-IOIN Battery is supported

Blutooth:Supports external Module via the LCD Cable.

Card Reader:SD Host Controller supports 4-in-1 Card Reader

IEEE1394:On board Controller Supports 4-pin Firewire Connection.

Security:Trusted Platform Module 1.2

Ports(all test good)3-USB 2.0,PCMCIA(socket is included with chassis mount:has one standard slot and one Express Card Slot), VGA,Display Port(digital video) Docking,4pin IEEE1394, 4-in-1 Card Reader. Audio Ports include:microphone and headphone. As noted:RJ45 connector is on board for LAN and RJ11 for Modem is mounted on the bottom cover.


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